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  • Product Name : Sharpness Silicon Carbide P24~400Abrasive Sand Belt For Grinding Polishing
    Size : BCY71
    Country of Origin : China
    Contact : Stella Chen (miss) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Silicon Carbide abrasive P24~400, Blended Cloth backing Sharpness closed electro coated abrasive sand blend cloth roll, it is generally designed for wood, glass, ceramic, automotive, marble, stone, floor polishing. can be converted into wide belt for MDF sanding. belt size: 2620MM*2150MM 3200MM*2250MM 2800MM*1950MM 3050MM*1950MM 3350MM*2600MM 2800MM*2550MM 1300MM*1900MM 3820MM*1950MM 2620MM*1315MM